The “Social Styles” Model

Social Styles ModelDecades of research indicate that people (globally) are divided equally across four primary communication styles. We call these the four “Social Styles”: Driver, Expressive, Amiable, and Analytical.

Our ‘Building Relationship Versatility: Social Styles at Work’ programme provides participants with results-oriented Versatility skills that help them to improve their ability to work effectively with others.

This programme can transform how your organisation, your teams, and your individual contributors work together to create value.

Social Styles People

Social Styles – The Key to Increased Personal Effectiveness

We can custom-assemble a program that is tailored to the needs, goals, and objectives of your colleagues or teams from any of the programs listed below. Any of our workshops will be built around exactly what you need.

Social Styles Self Completion Questionnaire: Find Out What Your Social Style is!

The purpose of the Social Style Profile is to both build awareness and to develop interpersonal versatility. While it is true that a person’s basic social style is not normally open to change, the purpose of the Social Style Profile is to help people learn how they can modify or adjust their behavioural tendencies temporarily in order to improve their relationships with others. Our research shows that people who have the ability to be versatile have more successful business and personal relationships. To find out what your Social Styles is contact us.

“Surprisingly easy to understand and apply – and makes a real difference”


Building Relationship Versatility: Making Bad Relationships Good and Good Relationships Better

BRV provides participants with results-oriented versatility skills that help them to improve their ability to work effectively with others. Individuals are better able to build more productive relationships, predict and handle conflict more easily and create more focused and productive teams.

BRV is built around the highly practical and well proven 4-quadrant Social Styles matrix. After being profiled, participants get assigned a Social Style, an interpersonal versatility rating, and specific versatility behaviours. During the workshop they learn how to identify others’ Social Styles and based on understanding of their own and others’ style, learn to modify their own behaviours to communicate more easily and effectively with others.

“…has helped me be far more productive & develop stronger work relationships”


Versatile Sales Person: Building Skills to Develop An Enhanced Sales Relationship

Helps us to work better with all individuals, difficult or not. This programme enables everyone to understand themselves and others, so hugely improving communication. Sales professionals and teams need these good interpersonal skills to fulfil an effective role. Simply essential for any sales professional.

“Great for building rapport with my clients far more quickly”


Leadership and Social Styles: Working Effectively With and Through Other People

To be an effective supervisor, manager or leader, especially in today’s challenging and pressurised environment, takes real skill – especially getting the best out the working relationships. Social Styles is an ideal tool for the people-savvy leader who realises that the potential of the team depends upon how well they are managed and led. Building productive working relationships is an essential and critical skill and this is where Social Styles can help.

Recommended by Harvard University as the model to use, Strategic Direction can help you develop those key leadership skills. To find out more, click here

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